Good ideas make great design. We create vibrant and useful iterations of your brand in ways that appeal to consumers. Our designs are smart and friendly, practical and stylish—just like who we are: Midwestern designers who went to the Big City. We’ve retained our roots and we make you look good in a simple, elegant way.

Visual / Interaction Design

This is the look and the hierarchy. The conceptual thinking takes place before we start our design process and we want the work to have an intelligent spin in addition to being a stylish (not trendy) piece of design.

We are a design firm that thinks first and designs second.

Web / Media Development

Software development is the way visual design becomes a reality on the screen. Our team of developers has a great eye for design and precision, and they are constantly reminding us of the latest updates in technology. They are geeky and we love them for it.

Video / Motion Design

Things move on websites and mobile screens these days. They make it easier and much more fun to send and receive information. We do it all: TV commercials, web videos, Flash, HTML 5 and everything else. Many broadcast commercials began as our web concepts. If it moves, we can do it.


One of the great words bandied about in marketing meetings, we think it means the culture of a company and how your audience perceives you. These days people who use your product will recite back to you what they think your brand is. Branding is a joint venture. The CMO and his audience build a brand together. We get that, and we make it work.